#Makeover Monday Week 11

The data set for this week focused on real estate transfers in Philadelphia. This was a challenging visualization for me because I don’t have a background with real estate and I found that the fields were very technical. However, I did get the chance to do some research on real estate by talking with a friend who is a realtor and looking at articles such as this one by the Daily Pennsylvania. The article explains more context on the housing market in Philadelphia.

What I liked about the visualization:

  • The map broken down by zip codes helped me understand where this data set takes place.
  • The map of the document type was interesting to view, it was curious to see that the number has decreased over the years.
Original visualization by OpenDataPhilly

What I focused on:

  • Identifying a data field to focus my attention on – I chose to look at fair market value. I thought this might be something that the general population is more familiar with, compared to other data fields.
  •  I tried out a new visualization that I am not super familiar with using – the highlight table. I also paired this with a map, showing the increase/decrease over time.
  • A line graph to show the trend over time, something simple to see how the fair market value has changed with expected dips (the Recession) and other dips (I don’t know Philadelphia to speculate on that).

The visualization is shown below and is also available of Tableau Public.

#Makeover Monday Week 11