April Storytelling with Data Challenge | #SWDchallenge: emulate!

I recently found out about the Storytelling with Data Challenge and participated in the April challenge. The challenge this month was to emulate a visualization. I follow and read Ryan Sleeper’s blog frequently, it is extremely helpful and I highly recommend it! Ryan created a dashboard about the presentations/training he’s currently engaged in and “Where’s […]

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#Makeover Monday Week 11

The data set for this week focused on real estate transfers in Philadelphia. This was a challenging visualization for me because I don’t have a background with real estate and I found that the fields were very technical. However, I did get the chance to do some research on real estate by talking with a […]

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Makeover Monday Week 10

This week for the #Makeover Monday challenge, the data set focused on obstetric fistula with several indicators of health and income. The data was fascinating to look through and had a wealth of information showing data from 1960-2017. I hadn’t heard about obstetric fistula and enjoyed learning more about the topic, here is a link […]

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Makeover Monday Week 9

I have been reading #Makeover Monday by Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray and have been enjoying learning more about the Makeover Monday community and its history. I have been taking notes and want to explore diving into topics more deeply as I engage with the challenge. This week I focused on Chapter 1: Habits of […]

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Makeover Monday Week #8

February 17, 2019 I’m excited to begin the #Makeover Monday challenge for Week 8. This week the data set focuses on wind energy. This data set is from the American Wind Energy Association. This is recent data from 2018 and was interesting to look at because of the comparison across the states in the U.S. […]

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